2020 Guide to the Democratic Presidential Candidates

Read our 2020 Guide to the Democratic Presidential Candidates here:

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary season is underway and the field of candidates is growing every week. Nearly a dozen candidates have already announced their intention or declared they are running. Up to 10 or 20 more candidates could join the race in the coming months. With such a large and diverse Democratic primary field, it can be overwhelming to keep track of where each candidate stands on the issues.

That’s why Cogent created the 2020 Guide to the Democratic Presidential Candidates.

This resource gives an overview of announced or declared candidates and their positions on a wide range of issues. As new aspirants enter, current candidates’ policy stances develop, and polling and fundraising numbers evolve, our team will update this resource to help guide you through this dynamic election cycle. 

As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.” Here at Cogent, we couldn’t agree more. We look forward to keeping you informed over the next 617 days.