Digital & Research

We don’t just hand our clients data; we show them how to leverage it to their advantage.

Whether it’s a government relations push or public relations campaign, our digital strategists are a critical part of the team. We go beyond identifying traditional allies and opponents to uncover the full range of opportunities and challenges. This includes finding unlikely friends and advocates to validate client positions and pinpointing which influencers and media outlets have the eyes, ears and interest of our target audiences. Equally important, we take clients’ data and translate it for Washington, mapping out how best to use the information to move the needle.  

If clients want to know how their competitors are viewed in the political arena and how they can give their organization an edge, we can do that too. Digital insights take the guesswork out of maneuvering in Washington, and Cogent’s DR team keeps our clients ahead of the curve.


We pinpoint who’s influencing the conversation and who’s influencing the influencers. We build targeted communications and lobbying campaigns that resonate and win.


We excel at reaching and influencing the audiences that matter most to our clients.


We ensure our clients have an online brand presence that informs and mobilizes key demographics.

Media Buys

Our targeted approach ensures that we reach audiences where they are with the message they motivate them to act.