Cogent’s Andrew Kauders discusses the pandemic’s impact on meeting new members of Congress

Cogent Managing Director Andrew Kauders recently spoke with The Hill’s Alex Gangitano on how getting to know freshman members of Congress will look very different amid the pandemic.

Here are some key takeaways from their conversation:

Zoom will continue to replace in-person gatherings: “I expect, very much so in the coming months following the Nov. 3 election, that Zoom and the video conferencing will continue even though folks are very much Zoomed out. We used to have meet-and-greets at the firm with members and new members. We are likely to transition that to Zoom so clients can meet new members virtually.”

Virtual lobbying has its efficiencies: “People are spending less time in security lines and more time in one-on-one face time over Zoom calls.”

Outside-the-Beltway organizations benefit: “A virtual Congress will continue to breed virtual fly-ins and opportunities for those outside of Washington to get to know newly elected members of Congress in some ways.”

Anti-lobbyist rhetoric is often just a campaign message: “If you say you’re not going to meet with a registered lobbyist, you’re going to have a rather empty calendar.”

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