Cogent’s Dave Oxner Talks Robinhood, GameStop Hearings with Beltway Media

Financial services expert and Cogent Managing Director Dave Oxner recently spoke with The HillBloombergPolitico Influence, and MarketWatch about why those directly and indirectly affected by the GameStop and Robinhood stock frenzy need to be prepared to be hit by the congressional spotlight.

Excerpts from his conversations:

“This brings in so many populist issues from anti-Wall Street, anti-Big Tech. Those worlds seem to be colliding a little bit with this story.” 

– Oxner in The Hill’s, Robinhood braces for lawmaker outrage at GameStop hearings

“Look at the bright side here and take this as an opportunity to explain what you do, the benefits you provide the market, the benefits you provide retail investors.”

– Oxner in Bloomberg Government’s, GameStop Prompts Firms in Robinhood’s Orbit to Turn to K Street

“We are now in the middle of another saga where nobody can cleanly predict what happens next and what the response of policymakers will be… welcome the attention from Congress, partly because ‘it’s unavoidable.”

– Politico Influence quoting Oxner’s latest Cogent Buzz article, The Arrows Start Flying. But What is the Target?

“Advocacy will be required in the days, weeks and months ahead as policymakers rush to articulate and legislate the supposed flaws that have now been revealed in our financial system.”

– MarketWatch citing Oxner’s Buzz piece in their article, Robinhood ramps up its lobbying effort as Washington scrutinizes the trading app