Will Bohlen

Managing Director


  • National and Regional Media
  • Opinion Writing
  • Content Development
  • Third Parties
  • Think Tanks
  • Crisis Communications

Fun Facts

Claim to Fame: Contestant on The Weakest Link
Must-Listen Podcast: Decoder Ring from Slate
Beloved Sports Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Weekend Destination: Pearl Street Warehouse


Will Bohlen draws on his experience managing communications for a wide variety of clients as well as his past experience as the head of communications for a leading global policy institute. He has amassed an enviable Rolodex of media contacts across the United States and around the world to help clients’ messages reach the right audiences no matter where they are. He has broad experience in the education, energy, trade and foreign policy sectors, where he has led winning campaigns for clients that have led to legislation, regulatory action and increased influence.

Will spent almost a decade at the German Marshall Fund (GMF) between Brussels and Washington, D.C., leading strategic communications and serving as spokesperson for the 150-person policy institute, which has had a presence in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Tunisia, Serbia and Turkey. He also spearheaded communications around speeches by heads of state from the United States, Poland and Turkey and oversaw the launch of several major GMF conference brands, including the Brussels Forum, the Atlantic Dialogues and the Halifax International Security Forum.

Earlier in his career, Will worked as a journalist, reporting for the Chicago Tribune, the Tribune’s RedEye edition, and as a freelance reporter. Will also served as the chief researcher for Politico co-founder John F. Harris’ The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House, The New York Times-bestselling history on the presidency of Bill Clinton. Will’s writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Slate, The Boston Globe, and the Chicago Tribune, among other outlets.

Outside the office, Will enjoys coaching youth sports for his two kids and sipping a gin and tonic on the lake in upstate New York.