Cogent among “Washington’s fastest-growing lobbying shops”

The Hill: Former Podesta lobbyists reap K Street boom

Seven of Washington’s fastest-growing lobby shops were founded by lobbyists from the iconic firm, and together those new firms boast nearly $14 million in revenue for the year.


Podesta Group’s longtime chief executive Kimberley Fritts launched her firm, Cogent Strategies, in November 2017, taking several clients with her.

Cogent now has 29 clients and has made $1.6 million so far in 2019. Fourteen of those clients are former Podesta Group clients, including, Orange County, Fla., and Sotheby’s.

Fritts points to the talent at the Podesta Group to explain why the successor firms are so successful.

“I think we had an amazing team with very distinct and diverse skill sets that were focused on delivering solid results for our clients, so it does not surprise me that clients would want to follow those with whom they had worked alongside successfully,” Fritts said.


Two women-run lobby shops have also come out of the Podesta Group: Cogent and Ferox.

“There is something to be said for the fact that of the firms … two are female-owned — an important addition to the Washington landscape,” Fritts said.

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