Cogent CEO Kimberley Fritts on the Twitter Political Advertising Ban

“Advocacy groups and trade associations are worried that Twitter’s decision to ban all political advertisements could hurt their efforts to use digital marketing to promote their issues.

One source told The Hill the Twitter announcement sent “shock waves” through public affairs professionals in Washington.Twitter on Wednesday said that it would begin banning ads that “advocate for or against legislative issues of national importance,” as well as references to an election or candidate.

In Washington, trade associations and coalitions use Twitter to get eyes on their campaigns. While Twitter is still working to finalize its rules, the changes are likely to force those groups to rework how they speak to elected officials, stakeholders and the public through social media.” […]

But others are downplaying Twitter’s decision, noting that trade associations use multiple platforms to advertise.

“Sure, this will naturally have some impact on the public affairs space but it underscores the importance of deploying a multi-faceted strategy for clients,” said Kimberley Fritts, CEO of Cogent Strategies.

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